Contemporary Cuban Artist

(Sancti Spíritus, Cuba, 1960)

"The painter of the grays" is how they rather define this great Cuban artist. They say that because of her personal way of using light, dark and shadows in her painting. Soul "Goyesca" with a subtle baroque touch, her brushstrokes perfectly describe the history of her existence in the daily reality of her. Naked bodies that wait by the sea like inert beings of an uncertain destiny, texts that represent the eternal discourse of her people, religious Africanisms that symbolize the hope of a society that lives in oblivion.

He has made personal exhibitions at the Union of Plastic Artists, Hanoi-Vietnam in 1990. He has participated in various group exhibitions of Cuban Studies, New York, 1983 and 1993; Six Plastic Artists, Gallery
Zpamig, Toron-Poland and Cuban Plastic Arts, Society of Plastic Arts, Tokyo-Japan in 1985; Hall of the City, Provincial Center of Plastic Arts, Havana 1986; Contemporary Cuban Art, Westpeth Gallery, New York, in 1989 and 1998; Hall-Workshop, IV Biennial of Havana, Museum of Decorative Arts, Havana, 1991; Segni grafiti da Cuba, La Porta Ulapapa, Bergamo-Italy in 1992 and 1994; Contemporary Cuban art exhibition, Vigo,
Galicia- Spain 1996; Cuba today, Expo Center, Guatemala 1997; Drawings, Wafe Forest University, North Carolina, USA, 1999.
He has obtained several awards: in the March 13 contest (Department of Cultural Extension, University of Havana); in the Tribute to Charles Chaplin, Festival of New Latin American Cinema, ICAIC 1989 and the 3rd Prize for Artistic Drawing "Jenaro Pérez Millamil" in Spain.
His paintings appear in the film "Miel para Ochún" by Cuban film director Humberto Solás.
He has exhibited part of his works at the Siguaraya Gallery in Berlin, Germany 2008 and made an artistic installation at the MOMA in New York.
Olympya Ortiz is a member of the Association of Plastic Artists of the UNEAC of Havana, Cuba.

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