Sandra Amelia Ceballos Obaya,
Born in Guantánamo,
Cuba, in 1961,
she resides in Havana.

Applied studies

-In 1982 he spent a course at the Art-Textile Workshop of the Mexican artist Martha Palau at the Casa de las Américas in Cuba.
-In 1983 she graduated from the Academy of Plastic Arts, "San Alejandro" in the City of Havana, where she studied for seven years.
-In 1987 she participated in the Experimental Photography Workshop at the Photo Library of Cuba taught by the Chilean-American artist, Luís Camnitzer.
-Within the visual arts, she has made performances, photographs, paintings, drawings, installations, videos, texts for artists, press articles and has been curator and co-curator of more than one hundred exhibitions both in Cuba and abroad.
-In 1985, she was the founder (among a group of Cuban artists) of the 1st Experimental Workshop of René Portocarrero Artistic Screen Printing of the Cuban Fund for Cultural Assets of Havana, where she worked as a draftsman-screenprinter and team leader for ten years.
In 1992, she was invited by the prestigious Spanish artist, belonging to the "Movida Madrileña of the 80s", Antonio Villatoro to work and exhibit in Madrid for six months.


In 1996, Artist in residence in "Art in General" in New York, USA. Where she worked for three months and held a personal exhibition.
In the same year, Artist in residence in "Longwood Project", in the Bronx, New York.
In 1998 Artist in residence at the Basel School of Design and Audiovisual Media, in Switzerland where she traveled, performed and exhibited his works in Zürich, Bern and La Chaux de Fonds


-His works by him are part of the collection of the National Museum of Fine Arts of Cuba.
-Museo Michoacano de Arte Contemporáneo de Morelia in Mexico.
-The Latin American Photography Collection of the Lehigh University Art Galleries, in Pennsylvania, USA.
-Gallery Track 16, Bergamon Station, Los Angeles, USA.
-Ninart Gallery (Nina Menocal), DF Mexico.
-Museo Carrillo Gil, Mexico.
-The Shelley & Donald Rubin Private Collection, New York.
-Cuban Art Center, New York.
-Howard Farber Fund Collection, N.Y.-CIFO. Miami
-Museum of the Bronx. New York.
-Museo Reina Sofía in Madrid (video-performance).
-Museo del Barrio, New York (video-performances)
About her work and work as a curator, important texts have been written by Cuban art critics, artists, curators and writers of Cuban origin such as: Manuel Vidal, Orlando Hernández, Gerardo Mosquera, Coco Fusco, Luis Camnitzer, Corina Matamoros, Erena Hernández, Magaly Espinosa, Coco Fusco, David Mateo, Juan Antonio Molina, Eugenio Valdés, Ezequiel Suárez, Lazara Castellanos and Víctor Fowler, as well as new promotions from critics such as Giselle Victoria.


In 1986 he won the Prize at the II Jaume Wash Painting Biennial in Barcelona Spain.
In 1995 he won the First Prize at the I Juan Francisco Elso Padilla Painting Salon, sponsored by Vitol S.A., at the National Museum of Fine Arts of Cuba.
2014, wins one of the awards given by the Art Center, La Conservera, of Murcia in Spain

Work as curator and curator

In 1991, she curated and organized, together with the artist Ezequiel Suárez, the exhibition "Masters of Cuban painting" for the Center for Art and Design of Light and Crafts in Havana.
In 1994 she created, together with the artist Ezequiel Suárez, an independent space for Art events, “Espacio Aglutinador”, in her own residence; more than 200 art events in general have already been held there: visual arts, music, literary readings, conferences, workshops, etc.
In 2001 she curated, together with the artist and curator Luís Camnitzer, the exhibition “From the Sierra Maestra to Havana” with drawings by the prestigious Cuban artist Santiago Armada (Chago), for the Drawing Center in New York. In this same year, she curated the exhibition presented by Espacio Aglutinador for FAIR, at the Royal
London collage.
In 2008, the Espacio Aglutinador (gallery that he still directs) was selected -for the originality of its curatorial proposals-, by a group of prestigious international artists, specialists and critics, among the hundred best galleries in the world and among the three best galleries of Latin America, during the
survey that she conducts in New York, Flash Art magazine.
With the support of the Dutch Art Foundations Hivos and Prince Claus, it has created and is working on a residency program - “PERRO Residences” (Organized Rapid Response Experimental Proposal) - with the aim of financially helping Cuban artists (emerging or no, art graduates or self-taught, residents of Havana or not) who have low resources
economic for the realization of the works and her support, in addition to continuing, in unison, working on her personal work as an independent creator within Cuba.
In May 2013, he created the first traveling private museum in Cuba, "MAM: Museo de Arte Maníaco" with the intention of supporting and disseminating the work of curators and works of existential content that reveal, in a casual way, the most intimate and psychic part of the world. human being without scholastic ties.
2013-2014-2015, Project: "Curators, come home!"
2016-2017-2018: Program, "Damned from the post-war"

Performances and video-performances.

1994- “Cleaning assistant”, exhibition “A gap between heaven and earth”, 5th Havana Biennial.
1996- “Solomon with me”, exhibition “La Carne (tattoos)”, Espacio Aglutinador. Havana.
1998- "100 prayers", project "The direction of the gaze" Stadthaus Zurich, Switzerland.
"All roads lead home" with the artist Ezequiel Suárez, project "The direction of the gaze", Museé des Beaux-Arts, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.
“Reviva la Revoltaire” (Collective action of Cuban artists in Spiegelgasse1, former Cabaret Voltaire, Dada meeting place), Zurich, September 5.
1999- “Forever”, II Performance Festival, “Ana Mendieta”, Cuba Pavilion, Havana.
2000- “I would not like to believe it”, (performance behind closed doors) with the artist René Esteban Quintana, Espacio Aglutinador.
“Café Palatino”, with the artist René Esteban Quintana, Cienfuegos Performances Festival. Cuba.
“San Isidro” (with the artist René Esteban Quintana), intervention in the San Isidro neighborhood, project: “A window towards Venus”, VII Biennial of Havana.
"One way" with René Quintana. Video-performance. Havana
2001 "Close Up" with René Quintana, Kunsthalles Brandts III International Performances Festival. Odense. Denmark.
2003 "(....) and mountains the brigadista", video-performance, with René Quintana, Havana.
2004 "My clasroom # 1". Video-performaces, Havana.
2006 “Blanco sobre blanco”, (interaction with the public) in the residence-workshop of the artist Luís Trápaga. Alternative to the VII Biennial of Havana.
2009 "La bodega de Paquito" in conjunction with Samuel Riera. Winery in a neighborhood of Cerro. Havana.
2011 "Country Agglutinator: 24 hours without going into exile (the street)", for the Immigrant Movement International Project by Tania Bruguera.
2012 "Consecration: act of presence", for Immigrant Movement International Project.

Personal exhibitions

1985- "Dialogue of Sandra and Manuel Vidal", L Gallery, Havana.
1986 - "Landscapes and Paradoxes", Centro de Arte de 23 y 12. Havana
1987- “Beta” (with the artist José Forte), Napoleonic Museum, Havana.
1989- "Beauty and the Beast", Project of the Castillo de la Real Fuerza, Havana.
1992- “Exhibition of Sandra and her husband” with Ezequiel Suárez, “Domingo Ravenet” Gallery, La Lisa, Cuba.
1993- "Absolut Jawlensky", Havana Gallery, Havana.
1994- "Degenerated Art in the Market Age" (with the artist Ezequiel Suárez). V Biennial of Havana, "Aglutinador Space".
1995- “Where is Loló?”, Wifredo Lam Center, Havana.
1996- "The psychogenic expression", Center for the Development of Visual Arts / National Museum of Fine Arts of Cuba, Havana.
1997- "Clinic, Los Angeles", Art in General, New York and Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center, Buffalo, New York, USA.
1997- “The psychogenic expression,” Access Gallery, Vancouver, Canada (as part of the “Utopian Territories” project). Curators: Juan Antonio Molina and Eugenio Valdés.
1998- “Mansas porciones”, (with the artist Lidzie Alviza,) Espacio Aglutinador, La Habana.
2000- "Adorado Wölfli", Agglutinator Space, Havana.
2002- “Dreaming my dreams” curated by Antonio Eligio (Tonel) with the North American artist Virginia Fleck. Agglutinator Space, Havana.
2003- “Scáner” with the artist René Quintana. Curated by Magda Ileana Gonzáles, Feria de Arco 2003. Madrid.
2004- "No thought", gallery "Sol y mar", Varadero, Matanzas.
2006- “Agglutinator, Agglutinator, Agglutinator” Espacio Agglutinador. Havana.2012- "MAM: Museum of Manic Art". Agglutinating Space. Havana.

His works have also been exhibited in various group shows and events such as:
-Michoacano International Hall of Miniature Textile Art, 1983, Curated by Martha Palau. House of Culture of Morelia, Mexico.
-II Juame Wash Biennial, 1987. Barcelona. Spain.
- “Veintitantos abriles”, curated by Orlando Hernández ”, Galería Habana, 1987.
- "Not by getting up early, you wake up earlier", curated by Rubén Torres Llorca, Fototeca de Cuba. 1988.
- "It's not just what you see", Faculty of Philology of the University of Havana. 1988
- “Young Cuban Artists”, Massashussets College of Art, Boston. 1988
-I International Biennial of Engraving, Maastricht Exhibition Congress Center, Netherlands.
- “The sculptured object”, Curated by Alexis Somosa and Félix Suazo, Centro de Desarrollo de las Artes Visuales, 1989.
-II Biennial of Havana, Cuba.
- IV Biennial of Havana, Casa de las Américas, Havana. 1989
- V Biennial of Havana. Center for Visual Arts of Light and Crafts, 1991.
- “Certain humorous stories”, curated by Caridad Blanco, Centro de Desarrollo de las Artes Visuales, Havana. 1991
- "Born in Cuba", curated by Alexis Somosa and Félix Suazo University of Carabobo in Venezuela. 1991
- “The Unknown Face of Cuban Art”, at the Northern Center of Contemporary Art (NCCA) in Sunderland, September-October, 1992.
-Universal Exhibition, Seville 92, Spain. 1992
- VIII Biennial Hispanoamericana de Arte, José Luís Cuevas Museum, Mexico. 1992
- "A new look at the Caribbean", Space Carpeaux Gallery, Paris, France. 1992
- “Right now,” Contemporary art of Cuba ”, University of Florida, Gainesville. 1992
- "The Prodigious Decade", Museo del Chopo, Mexico. 1992
- "Havana in Madrid", Cultural Center of the Villa de Madrid. 1992
-I Salon of Cuban Contemporary Painting, 1995, National Museum of Fine Arts of Cuba.
-I Salon of Contemporary Art of Cuba, National Museum of Fine Arts of Cuba, 1996.
-1997 - “A temporary misery”, with Cuban artists: Ezequiel Suárez, Eduardo Aparicio and Ernesto Leal, “Espacio Aglutinador”, Havana.
-Project "Utopian Territories", 1997, curated by Juan Antonio Molina and Eugenio Valdés, Access Gallery, Vancouver, Canada.
-Sussuta Boé in Johannesburg, South Africa. 1998
-Project "The direction of the Look", 1998, curated by Inés Anselmi (Swiss) and Eugenio Valdés (Cuban), Stadthaus, Zurich Switzerland / Museé des Beaux - Arts, Switzerland. Kunsthallens Brandts / “Revive the Revoltair” collective intervention at Spiegelgasse 1 (former Cabaret Voltaire, Dada meeting place) Zurich,
-Track 16 Gallery, Bergamon Station, Los Angeles, USA. Curated by Kevin Power, 1999
-II Festival of Performances "Ana Mendieta", curated by René Francisco Rodríguez, Cuba Pavilion, Havana. 1999
-II Cienfuegos Performances Festival, intervention at the “Café Palatino”, curated by “Grupo Punto”, 2000, Cuba.
-VIII Biennial of Havana, intervention in the neighborhood of San Isidro (Havana City) with the Project "A window to Venus." 2000
-III International Performance Festival, Kunsthalles Brandts, Odense Denmark. 2001
-II Biennial of Caribbean and Central American Painting, Museum of Contemporary Art of the Dominican Republic .- "Bordes inasibles", curated by Omar Pascual del Castillo, Cajastur Cultural Center, Palacio de Revillagigedo, Asturias, Spain. 2000
-FAIR, Royal College of Art International Art Fair, London, UK. 2001
-Metropolitan Cultural Center, Quito, Ecuador. 2002
-ElbAtr, International Art Fair of Hamburg, Kunts Ausstellung, Germany. 2002
-Project "Don't call it performance", curated by Paco Barragán (Spanish): Museo del Barrio, New York / Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Reina Sofía, Madrid, Spain / Centro Párraga de Murcia / Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo, Spain / Domus Artium, Salamanca, Spain / Konceptkonstmuseum, Rydboholm, Sweden and Konst Museum, Sweden. 2003-2004
-Arc Fair 2003, Madrid, Spain. Curator: Magda Ileana Gonzáles (Cuban).
-Project, “Waiting List”, curators, Elvis Fuentes, Yuniesky Villalonga and Glexis Novoa (Cubans). City Art Museum, Mestna Galerita Ljubljana. Slovenija. 2006-2007
-Project "Killing times", curated by Elvis Fuentes and Glexis Novoa at "Exit Art Gallery", New York. 2007
- "Group therapy", curated by Omar Pascual del Castillo (Cuban), Fernando Pradilla Gallery in Madrid, Spain. 2007-2008
- "Books and prints by Cuban artists", curated by Linda Howe (North American). The Glorier Club of Manhattan, New York. 2008
- “CUBA, Artists Experience Their Country”, curated by Kristen Accola (American). Hunterdon Museum of Art, New Jersey, USA. 2008
-Art Baselita, "Mama's little girl" project, 2009, curated by Glexis Novoa and Espacio Aglutinador, Miami, USA .- "Books and prints by Cuban artists", Charlotte and Philip Hanes Art Gallery Staff, Wake Forest University, Wiston –Salen , North Carolina, USA. 2009
- “Maluarte cubano”, curated by Rubén Cruces, Xoho, an independent gallery in Nuevo Vedado. Havana. 2009
-Pontevedra Biennial of 2010. Curated by Santiago Olmo (Spanish).
- “Video Cubano”, curated by Rachel Weingeits (American) and Alberto Magnan (Cuban-American), 2010, 8th Floor Space 17, New York,
-Riera Study. Alternative Space, 2012. Cerro. Havana.
- "Profane Expressions", curated by Glexis Novoa, David Castillo Gallery, Miami, Florida. 2010
- “I know how to read”, curated by Sandra Contreras and Elvia Rosa Castro (Cuban), Wifredo Lam Contemporary Art Center, Havana. 2012.
- "The Caribbean, crossroads of the world", curated by Elvis Fuentes, Museum of Contemporary Art of Queens, New York, 2012.
- V Festival of Video-Art of Camagüey. As a member of the award jury. Cuba. 2013
- "Nationhood and Identity in Cuban Art". Center for Cuban Studies. New York. 2013
-2013-2016, Itinerant exhibition: "Cuban art. Voices and female poetics (1990-2003)". Curated by David Mateo. San Francisco. California. USA. Sponsor: Cara and Cabezas Gallery, San Francisco Foundation and Mission Cultural Center. Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts. Concord
Argonaut Social Club and San José Hispanic University.
-2014, Collective project, "Say what you want that will not be known who said it", curator: Magaly Espinosa.
- "The spaces betweeen", Contemporary Art from Havana, curated by Antonio Eligio Tonel for Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery, Vancouber, Canada. 2014
-2016 she participates as a guest at the event organized by PAMM in Miami, where she gives a talk about her work and her Independent Project, Espacio Aglutinador.
-2016 she was invited to a group show at the Sotheby's Auction House in New York, where she gave a talk about her work and work as an independent cultural activist within Cuba at Espacio Aglutinador. Currently she maintains her work as an artist, her I work as a curator and
event organizer based in her studio-gallery: "Espacio Aglutinador"

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