What is La Polaka Virtual Art Space?

LA POLAKA, VIRTUAL ART SPACE, an art platform, consumers education and representation of a group of artists gathered under the name LA TRIBU DE LA POLAKA, arises as a need to create a totally online space to work and discuss issues of art and market. Both issues are often little known by artists, whom this market manipulates and by art consumers who want to create a collection and do not know how to access the works, do not have advice and are often disappointed by traditional institutions. That is why a group was created, called LA POLAKA, THE ART OF SELLING YOURSELF, to gradually create a tribe of consumers of artistic knowledge, who felt lost, both buyers, tasters and the artists themselves, from whom this group is basically nourished, that today has 410 people, who have been chosen to enter, once they request to belong as members.

In this great community, every day we broadcast live for all the members of the group, open cycles of conferences, which at this moment are already on a YouTube channel, since we have been broadcasting content that varies between hours for almost nine months. and 15 and a half hours. This, coupled with the fact that we already had experience in successful online ventures, led to a project that had been ambitious for years. Create a “virtual building”, totally online where to achieve, through the training we had in digital marketing, launch and expert training, that each artist and each consumer could connect, through expert advice and putting this space in the called OCEAN BLUE, where a collaborative market of more than 6 years had begun to work, displacing the attention of new consumers and where new entrepreneurs cooperated, trained and recommended each other, creating tools and bridges. A market and a space where we continue to work with real results, only 3% of the world's population.

That is why LA POLAKA, VIRTUAL ART SPACE, is a pioneering project, beta we could say, where we function from the individuality of artist and collectors while the ten artists that make up this first tribe to represent, we have created a series of joint projects the first of them a multimedia object based on the concept of an artist's book, where each artist has intervened a poem from Tomy Suarez's book, MIAMI NOW, the poet himself being one of the painters of the LA POLAKA group. To convert or innovate the artist's book model, many of the poems incorporate audio, and are readings made by distinguished members of Cuban culture outside and inside the island: singers, actors, actresses, all recognized voices from the Cuban heritage

Do you want to know who is behind La Polaka?


I have worked with artists during these 25 years and the truth is that I only wanted to help them so that they could sell to their final client, I felt that it was necessary to remove the intermediaries and that they could earn what they deserved, but I had a great difficulty in achieving it. After paying a lot of money in courses that some taught me something, others scammed me, going a long way, I finally found my mentor and my mentor and then I found a way to change this situation and I had the long-awaited EPIPHANY, and I launched myself to apply everything I learned and test it in some other very different sectors and OPA, it worked, so I told myself it's time for me to do what makes my heart sing. So I started to design this project and I found the way and the method to get real results and above all that the artists can meet your goals and objectives. I want to leave the legacy, my legacy and my contribution to ART HISTORY. My constant thought that today's generations have art in their home and in their spaces as an object of first necessity.


Dra. / DPh. from the University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain. She is an expert in Contemporary Art. Assistant Professor Doctor. Researcher. Director / Founder and Associate Professor of the Superior School of Cinematographic Arts of Galicia. Writer Scriptwriter and Audiovisual Director. Member of the Galician Film Academy. Formed by Vilma Núñez as Online Marketing Online Communicator, by Erico Rocha as Expert Content Creator and by Russell Brunson within the Expert Secrets Method. Currently, she carries out a digital project, LA POLAKA, to train talents in the areas of creation, art and entrepreneurship and she also designs and directs the creation of VIRTUAL ART SPACE, an international digital platform for visual artists, all from the environment. on-line.


Entrepreneur and entrepreneur trainer in 100% online spaces. Formed by Erico Rocha. Expert in Online Marketing. Expert in Launching Online Experts. She leads the team creating virtual environments for creators. Currently, she is the FOUNDING CEO OF LA POLAKA ART EXPERT, SLL., And GENERAL DIRECTOR of a digital project, to train talents in areas of creation, art and entrepreneurship, directing the creation of this space (VIRTUAL ART SPACE) the digital platform international for visual artists, all from the online environment.

What can we offer to you as an artist?


A year of working with a platform of artists to whom I have to take their client
In the end, I have to find their fans, it's hard work but I'm not afraid of that.
yes it is a lot of work.
Let's start with the tools


Make a Dossier of works
Make a press dossier, photos
Compilation of Videos
Criticism Compilation
Study notes for each Piece
Independent Virtual Room.

Definition of your Avatar (ideal client)
Content Distribution List Creation
Post and cast valuable content to your Avatar (twice a week)
Content Distribution, Organic and Paid (monthly)
Omnichannel Presence (advertise content on various paid social networks eg: facebookads,
google ads, etc)
Creation of Customer List (digital process from lead capture to final customer)
Customer loyalty ·

Creative Design of Advertising Segmentation to reach your ideal client
Creation of Funnels in automated sequences
Creation of Copy Design of Advertising Campaigns
Advertising organized and sequenced by goals and objectives

Works appraisal
Specialized Conferences
Publications in Art and Culture Magazines
Reasoned Catalog (by goals and works)
Expert advice to the Artist in Market, Trends and art in General
Certificate of authenticity
Training aimed at Loyal Customers
Monthly Newsletter
Advice on Negotiation with Clients
Market Advisory Curatorship

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